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The author of this page, skiing on a cold day in Guovdageaidnu

Welcome to the weeds, disobedient writings in defend of biological, cultural, ethnical and linguistical plurality.

I am a Norwegian, grown in Skien, Southern Norway, but from 1973 I have been living in the north, mainly in Hammerfest and Guovdageaidnu in the county of Finnmark. A good part of my time I spend in Gdańsk in Poland, the main reason for that is the webmaster behind these pages.

Pictures from one of our travels between these places - and some others - you may find here
I have been working among others as a mechanic and a teacher of mechanics, but later I have mainly tried to live from what I write. I am also engaged in Friends of the Earth Norway and in building up at Nature Center in Guovdageaidnu. Now I am trying to retire, but that is not so easy.

On the left side of the screen, you will find my writings sorted according to theme, language and time.

Sami school history

The publishing house Davvi Girji publishes a series of books, of which I am the main editor. In these books will pupils, teachers, parents, boarding school workers and politicians tell their stories.
The first book
was published in 2005, the second book in 2007, the third book in 2009, the forth book in 2010, the fifth book in 2011 and the sixth book in 2013.

A summary of the books in English mey be found here.

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