Svein Lund presents:


I would like to present my best friend and workmate, my computer consultant and wife Basia. (In public papers called Barbara Urszula Głowacka).

She is among others.:
- shipbuilding engineer (who has no bigger boat than a kajak)
- microcapitalist (without capital), see company Jastra (In English or Polish)
- environmental activist (by internet), read her opinions: Forests around Gdansk and Jastra - debate (Partly in English, mainly in Polish)
- diving instructor (even in water), see diving club Neptun (Only in Polish)
and a lot of others.
She has a Polish passport and after 4 years of permission to live and work in Norway, she is now expelled from the country! . (Article in Norwegian)

This picture was taken at the "end of the world", in Laksefjord in Finnmark, when she was still allowed to live in Norway..

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