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Articles and reports in English

Title Media Date Remarks
On the "wrong" side of the border  Sámi Educational Council 1995 Poland / Lithuania, bilingual education
Adult education for Samis Nordic Sami Institute 31.01.00 UNESCO
Australia: Our language is not dead Min Áigi 29.12.00 Translation from Sami
Another world is possible!
21.10.01 Summary of conference in Oslo 11.-13.10.2001
From tradition to vocational knowledge Sámi allaskuvla 08.11.01 lecture
Why Sami school history? Min Áigi 28.09.2007
Boundless ignorance Min Áigi 05.10.2007
Southerner-teachers encounter the Sami language Min Áigi 12.10.2007
The start of Sami beginner instruction Min Áigi 19.10.2007
The start of education in reindeer-herding Min Áigi 26.10.2007
From Sami to Norwegian vocational training Min Áigi 02.11.2007
Struggle for Sami gymnasium Min Áigi 16.11.2007
School experiences of Norwegian speaking Samis Min Áigi 28.11.2007
Resistence against Sami language and culture Min Áigi 14.12.2007
A strange world Min Áigi 25.01.2008
On Sami teachers Ávvir 23.05.2009
Life in boarding school Ávvir 30.05.2009
Sami pupils were bullied Ávvir 06.06.2009
Sami content in the teaching Ávvir 13.06.2009
Pupil as interpreter Ávvir 20.07.2009
How the children quit speaking Sami Ávvir 04.07.2009
God does not understand Sami Ávvir 10.09.2010
The point of view of the Norwegianizers Ávvir 08.10.2010
Men of the church defending the Sami language Ávvir 13.10.2010
Sami teachers in old times Ávvir 02.12.2010
Boarding school life in old times Ávvir 09.12.2010
Sami pupils in special schools Ávvir 18.12.2010
The parents' struggle for Sami education Ávvir 14.01.2012
Reluctance and absence Ávvir 21.01.2012
The school during the war Ávvir 28.01.2012
Reconstruction and barrack schools Ávvir 04.02.2012
Curriculums - for Norwegianization and for Sami school Ávvir 11.01.2012
The great struggle of the curriculum Ávvir 21.01.2012
Sami language forbidden? – 1 Ávvir 15.05.2013
Sami language forbidden? – 2 Ávvir 01.06.2013
Folk high school for norwegianization Ávvir 03.08.2013
Folk high school against norwegianization? Ávvir 14.09.2013
Skolt Sami school history – does it exist? Ávvir 21.09.2013
Duodji education – in and outside of school Ávvir 28.01.2013
Sami in the cities Ávvir 05.10.2013
Sami language in teacher education Ávvir 12.10.2013
The nature of Finnmark between traditional use, international capital and central political power 23.10.2013

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